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Supermoon Means Super Tidal Bore

When the full moon is a supermoon the tidal bore can be super big and when we also have a lunar eclipse it adds to the drama! The tidal bore will be great for the next few days following the full moon especially when the moon comes so close to Earth and causes huge gravitational forces to act on the tides in Fundy! Bring your camera and your binoculars as the natural wonder of tides and celestial bodies is so great to experience!

The tidal bore in Moncton and along the Peticodiac will likely be a very big one! The viewing times are perfect and the weather is ideal! When these supermoons arrive they align to create mega tides and the tidal bore really packs a punch! It should be great viewing for the next few days or any time a full moon or a super moon comes along.

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April 13, 2024
1:44 AM & 2:18 PM
April 14, 2024
2:38 AM & 3:14 PM

Tidal Bore In The Next Five Days
April 15, 2024
3:37 AM & 4:16 PM

April 16, 2024
4:41 AM & 5:22 PM

April 17, 2024
5:48 AM & 6:26 PM

April 18, 2024
6:51 AM & 7:24 PM

April 19, 2024
7:47 AM & 8:14 PM


Map of Viewing Spots For The Tidal Bore

There are some great viewing spots to catch a view of the tidal bore along the Peticodiac River as it comes in from the Bay of Fundy on the high tides. Probably the best known viewing spot is in Moncton where an outdoor seating grandstand has been built along the boardwalk trail that runs along the river.

During the summer this is a great spot for photos and making videos of the tidal bore as it turns the bend as it passes Dieppe and heads towards the Moncton Information Center right beside the viewing area. Riverview, on the other side of the Peticodiac river from Moncton, also has fantastic viewing spots.

The Riverfront Trail system runs along the river and the area between the Gunningsville Bridge and the Causeway is an ideal spot for a long viewing experience. The surging tidal wave first passes under the Gunningsville Bridge, hitting the cement pillars that support the structure with a big splash, and then rushes up past the Chocolate River Factory on the banks of the river where a large boardwalk viewing area with interpretive panels has been built. The tourist info center is also at the Chocolate River Factory so it's a perfect stop to park and watch the bore. Lots of parking here and the trail is awesome!


About The Tidal Bore | Tidal Bore Photos & Videos | Supermoon | Surfing | Electricity | Daily Tide Schedule | Truro Interpretive

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