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A nice video found on YouTube shows Melvin Perez surfing on the Peticodiac River along Riverview and Moncton and whatís keen about the video is that it was shot by one of those radio controlled aircraft that all the kids like to call Drones so it sounds like a Star Wars spaceship instead of a radio-controlled aircraft which sounds so 1970ís.

The video was shot by Eric Goggin and it shows the tidal bore coming in and Perez stands up and rides the wave, all shot from the drone above the water. Itís a unique view of the tidal bore and having a surfer in the shot adds some perspective to the speed and size of the wave. The surfer, Perez, is a native of Costa Rica who has been surfing for 15 years. The tidal bore can have tremendous power and only experienced surfers with proper training should venture out onto the cold water and always with spotters and buddies in case of emergency. The last thing we want to see is a bunch of floaters washing up and down with the daily tides!

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December 03, 2022
5:48 AM & 6:19 PM
December 04, 2022
6:43 AM & 7:14 PM

The tidal bore surging up the Peticodiac River in Moncton & Riverview New Brunswick.

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December 08, 2022
9:43 AM & 10:12 PM

December 09, 2022
10:22 AM & 10:50 PM


Map of Viewing Spots For The Tidal Bore

There are some great viewing spots to catch a view of the tidal bore along the Peticodiac River as it comes in from the Bay of Fundy on the high tides. Probably the best known viewing spot is in Moncton where an outdoor seating grandstand has been built along the boardwalk trail that runs along the river.

During the summer this is a great spot for photos and making videos of the tidal bore as it turns the bend as it passes Dieppe and heads towards the Moncton Information Center right beside the viewing area. Riverview, on the other side of the Peticodiac river from Moncton, also has fantastic viewing spots.

The Riverfront Trail system runs along the river and the area between the Gunningsville Bridge and the Causeway is an ideal spot for a long viewing experience. The surging tidal wave first passes under the Gunningsville Bridge, hitting the cement pillars that support the structure with a big splash, and then rushes up past the Chocolate River Factory on the banks of the river where a large boardwalk viewing area with interpretive panels has been built. The tourist info center is also at the Chocolate River Factory so it's a perfect stop to park and watch the bore. Lots of parking here and the trail is awesome!


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